What is your definition of a Queen?

Now that the "bad bitch" trend is wearing down and natural beauty is being celebrated, what exactly is a Queen?

Some say that it is a woman who is married to a King. Others say its a woman who ONLY does 'this' and DOESNT do 'that'. 

Here at Queens Things™ we think that the definition of a queen is defined simply as "me, you, her, us." There isn't a specific genetic formula to who a queen is. For example, I like to dance and go out with my friends and be loud as ever, but I also like to go out with my man and stand beautifully on his arm as his partner. I like to wear a business suit with minimum makeup and a sleek power ponytail, but don't get it twisted, you can also catch me at the beach in my bikini with my curls bouncing and SPF50 sprayed over my face beat. You can find me in church, but you can also find me a party. I love to wear my RoyalTees, but you may also see me in an A-line dress with a banded waist. 

You get the point, right?

A Queen doesn't have to be one way, or based on a singular level of analysis. She is who she is, as long as she is proud of herself, she's doing the best that she can, and she is carrying herself with love, luxury, and confidence. 

Get your Royal Tee and take the #QueensThingsChallenge. 

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