About Queens Things™

Our Main Goal: To represent all women, positively.

Every woman is born with the right to be a Queen. She must not only possess the power and morale of a Queen but embrace the world like it’s her Queendom. There is this “bad bitch” persona overshadowing the female population causing a major lack of respect that we deserve. Its time to put back on our crowns! Queens Things™ is the treasure chest consisting of an assortment of jewelry, apparel and various accessories. What is more royal than adorning yourself with the exquisite range of accessories that are too unique for an ordinary person?

The fantasies of being a Queen can now be turned into reality with our fabulous apparel and gorgeous jewelry. Based in Miami, Florida, the empire of Queen Things™ came from one woman who pushed past the stereotypes of the world and who saw the fixable flaws of her Queendom in 2015. Embracing her admirable qualities, she started this line with the sole idea of expanding the way she felt about herself and demonstrate to every girl out there to treat herself with love, luxury and confidence. Queen Things™ is all about enhancing a girl’s confidence and stimulating a sense of worthiness in herself by beautifying her with a unique & elegant assortment of fashion accessories and a chic variety of apparel.

Flaunt your beauty with accessories that undoubtedly belong to a Queen. Show off how beautiful you are, inside & out. You deserve to be treated as ROYALTY ladies! Turn yourself into a walking style statement. Put on your crown and claim your throne only with Queens Things™!